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angel on building
ghashange :)

ORBIT on building
دوربین جدیدم که خریدین دیگه بهانه ای نیس، یه عکس جدید بذارین :)

حسن صنوبری on as old as time
این یک عکس با شکوه و شگفت انگیز است هزار آفرین یعنی لوله ها هم آبی ...

حسن صنوبری on building
سلام خیل هم خوب که یعنی این لباس های خاکی آن اتفاقات مهم را بنا می ...

S A B E R on son

omid on seyyedak?
خیلی قشنگه

omid on as old as time
جالب و خاطره انگیز

omid on building
جالب و زیباست

Tara on as old as time
Nice editing! Great shot!

ORBIT on as old as time

Tede on as old as time
Very nice this door, one input to be old. Good day.

sim on as old as time
it is tilted sorry

Shaahin Bahremand on as old as time
جالبه فكر كنم يه خورده كادر كجه

Othersideblue on as old as time
interesting photography, i like the way you look at life through the camera

philip earl on as old as time
very Cool Photograph .. well done. i like the blue door .......... i would have named this phto: "Blue Door" ...

L'Angevine on as old as time
j'apprends à reconnaître le point fort d'un cliché donc là ce n'est pas la ...

CElliottUK on as old as time
Let's hope for hope always

Othersideblue on seyyedak?
So beautifully colored birds something rare in our place !

Steve Rice on seyyedak?
I don't know what they are but, they are beautiful.

CElliottUK on seyyedak?
In English they are called bee-eaters

ORBIT on seyyedak?
Vaaaay che parnde jaleb o khoshrangi :D che aksaye khubi :)

philip earl on seyyedak?
Great Colors on these birdies ~~~~

CElliottUK on seyyedak?
It's a bee-eater, beautiful birds

Jules on seyyedak?
good diptych

Shaahin Bahremand on seyyedak?
nice series well done

Tara on seyyedak?
Beautiful bird, Lovely find!

Steve Rice on seyyedak?
Lovely, colorful birds.

Ghezelayagh on seyyedak?
aks paeen ajab jaleb shode, va be nazar miad talash ziadi baray gereftan in aks be kar rafte, ke parande napare va az ...

tataray on seyyedak?
Je ne connais pas cet oiseau avec de si belles couleurs. Une merveille et bien fait)

ORBIT on afghan beautiful baby
Che cheshmaee dare :D Khubin? :)

✔ ROYA,KHOMARLOU on afghan beautiful baby

at.ebrahimi on afghan beautiful baby
che banamak !

Tede on afghan beautiful baby
Too cute in this light, splendid Instantaneous. Good day.

Shaahin Bahremand on afghan beautiful baby

CElliottUK on afghan beautiful baby
A real cutey, I hope her parents found her soon after

angel on dry
marg ~

Becky on dry
Even endings are beautiful.

ORBIT on flag

omid on flag

Mehrdad on flag
نایس شات :)

Tede on yawn
A nice yawn :)) Small eyes will soon close. Glad your back, good day.

Mehrdad on yawn
bless you :)

ORBIT on yawn
سلااااام من فک کردم نی نی خودتون ِ :D ای بابا شوخی کردم من، همه ...

man on yawn
salam in hasan pesar shekoofe ast merc aziz bebakhsh tanha boodiE

ORBIT on yawn
Salam nini khosh oumadi :D jatun kheyli khali bud :)

ابی on street
بابا چقد مشنگید ، سایه چراغونیه دیگه !!!!!!!!!

ORBIT on street
salam khubin? :) man inja dochare ghorbat zadgee shodem, hame basateshuno az aminus jam kardan, raftan :(( bara shadi ...

at ebrahimi on street
delam beraye mashhad tang shodeh !...

omid on street
خوش اومدید به مشهد . . و خیابان بهار ;)

Goddess ☼ Ƹl¡ on street
می دونین از چی خوشم اومد ؟ این خال خالای مشکی روی خیابون خیلی جذاب ...

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